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  • First Steps In Starting A Business

    First Steps In Starting A Business

    TweetEmail TweetEmailI recommend that before you start a business, you do a few important first steps. Just a quick side note. This isn’t necessarily the order to do things. This was the order I thought of it when I was writing it down.  You’ll figure out what needs to be done for your state and […]
  • Entrepreneurship for Noobees on Udemy

    Entrepreneurship for Noobees on Udemy

    TweetEmail TweetEmailMy partner Boomy Tokan and I released Entrepreneurship for Noobees. It’s the third in our series of business courses to help people wanting to get into online sales and marketing. (The others are Blogging for Noobees and YouTube Success for Noobees). Starting up your own business can be challenging. You want to be sure it’s not […]
  • Review of Mastermind 1on1

    Review of Mastermind 1on1

    TweetEmail TweetEmailMy friend Richard Butler just released his new program Mastermind 1 on 1. I met Richard through Partnership to Success. He gave me early access to the product for this review. I was so impressed and learned a ton. Usually I’m telling you that we already know stuff….we just need to be reminded of it. […]
  • 50 Telecommuting Job Ideas

    50 Telecommuting Job Ideas

    TweetEmail TweetEmailI found more telecommuting job ideas. Entrepreneur released 50 Jobs, Gigs, and Side Hustles to Do From Home. My daughter was very interested in number 5 because she loves video games. She’s at college studying computer science and art so she can be a video game designer at some point. Let’s look at some […]
  • Set Intentions Instead of Resolutions for Faster Success

    Set Intentions Instead of Resolutions for Faster Success

    TweetEmail TweetEmailEvery year, people make New Year’s Resolutions. Or maybe they set the same ones year after year. Lost that weight. Make more money. Pay off our debt which keeps getting larger. We resolve to do more of the right things and less of the wrong things. It’s a trap to apply this to our […]