50 Telecommuting Job Ideas

I found more telecommuting job ideas. Entrepreneur released 50 Jobs, Gigs, and Side Hustles to Do From Home. My daughter was very interested in number 5 because she loves video games. She’s at college studying computer science and art so she can be a video game designer at some point.

Let’s look at some of the common ones.

Writing and Editing

It’s very easy to pick up writing related work. It won’t pay very well at first. Like any business, you have to build it up slowly and steadily.

You have to want to like to sit in front of a computer and write every day. It’s not for everyone. Just know that if you write every day, you will get faster.

You can find simple writing gigs to get started at

If you’re wondering what these content mills are like, watch this video

The UI is a bit outdated, but it still works the same way. Also, I’d recommend looking for people whose acceptance rate is over 75%.  Every time I forgot this, it bit me big time. The best clients are ones who know what they’re looking for.

Yes, I do still write for these places even though I’m not making much more than $10/article. I can write 500 words in 15 minutes. At the same time, I’ll write additional articles that I could post on ezinearticles. I’ve had people contact me through that to write directly for them, and I can charge more.

I used to take gigs on Guru.com, but haven’t found a good gig in awhile. I should go check it out again.

One other thing to note – write your articles and ebooks in a separate document. But be careful when pasting it into the interface. Also, I use a chromebook for a lot of my work. For whatever reason, Chrome browser messes up the formatting on iwriter. So that’s why I’ll write in a Google doc, and then paste without formatting into iwriter. I’ll clean it up, and then submit.

Online Marketing

This is still a lot of sitting in front of your computer and working. However, it involves a bit more research. You could work as a social media manager. That means you create posts for your client’s social media profiles, and you interact with people.

If you provide Ad Management or SEO, then you’ll need to do a lot of keyword research. You’ll need to use your math skills to evaluate how well your split tests are working.

You can also create and post videos for yourself or your clients. Once you have a successful channel, you may find people knocking down your door to help them with theirs.  And that leads us to our next section.

Teach Online

Udemy and Skillshare are great platforms for providing courses on what you know. Udemy is more of your standard online course. You need at least one full hour of instruction. Skillshare can be a 10-15 minute video on one topic. Udemy is pay per class. And Skillshare is a subscription. You pay annually and then can watch as many classes as you like.

Artistic People

Artistic people can hang out their shingle and create graphics.

  • Fiverr.com is great for starting out.
  • 99Designs.com is good for all levels, but you do get paid more if your design is chosen

You can also look on guru.com for people wanting graphic design.

And So On

Some companies also hire people to handle phone support. You could set up a dog walking service. The ideas are endless. Look at the list and see if anything grabs you.  Leave me a comment about what you think!

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