Adjusting Your Mindset to Stay Motivated

Sometimes, you can do everything right and things still don’t work out the way you’d hope. You need to adjust your mindset to stay motivated even through the rough times.

I just released an information product and followed all the checklists and blueprints to the letter. It was a flop. The product is great (I had it reviewed by a lot of people due to my neurotic need to only put out good stuff).

I had multiple people review the sales page. It was awesome.

But few people bought.

Strategies for Failures

I’m about to tell you that just because these things happen does not make you a failure. Whatever mistakes were made doesn’t make you a mistake. You have fingernails but that doesn’t make you a fingernail.

But let’s be honest. It sucks when things aren’t going well, right?

Achievement is not a straight line. There is no overnight sensation.

So that’s why I say your mindset is vital to staying motivated.

Step One – It’s OK to Feel Badly

Sometimes we have to collapse completely to push ourselves back up again. Resilience is a fantastic skill to build up if you’re going to be a successful online businesswoman.

And let’s face it. We’re going to feel badly and guilty anyway.  So set a timer for fifteen minutes and beat yourself up.

Then you have to let it go. Don’t spend another second feeling badly. You already did so you can silence that voice in your head.

Now, we go on to problem-solving.

Step Two – Postmortem Time

Maybe it was the right message to the right people but at the wrong time. Sometimes you will never know what it is.

However, it’s a good idea to sit down and come up with some ideas as to what could be done better. And then work on your plan for what to do.

Try to think of a few things that went well that you should be proud of.

I’d also step back and ask yourself if you truly believed in your goal. Was it your goal or was it what you thought you should do? Were you completely committed to achieving it?

If you are, there should still be a fire in your belly, and that’s excellent.

If there’s not, try to figure out if it was ever there. If it was, maybe you’re still feeling off because of what happened. In which case, you need to find ways to help yourself let go of the negative feelings.

Go exercise or get a pedicure. Get a relaxing massage. Go to a super fancy restaurant and have an appetizer.

Then come back and try to figure out if you still feel passionate about what you were trying to do.

What If I Never Do?

Then let it go. Drop it and move on to something else. Don’t live someone else’s dreams.

Often times, we will want to continue something because we invested a lot of time and money into it. But that’s silly if you think about it. If it’s never going to work, why would you continue doing it?

I’ve burnt rice on the stove. I didn’t try to keep cooking the rice or trying to serve it and pretend it was ok. I composted it and found some rolls that I served instead.

You can still achieve your dream of being an online business owner. You just may need a path that you’re more passionate about.

Do you want to know how many courses I bought on Local Marketing because people told me it would be a lucrative market? I couldn’t sell to a single client. I wish I had listened to my heart and not bought any of it and stuck with what I knew I liked.

But If It’s Fear….

All bets are off if it’s just because you’re afraid. Sorry.

If you’re afraid, then it means you’re growing and that’s good. It’s time to dig deep and push through. That’s part of the goal setting that you’ve done.

You need to connect to your great big WHY and just take one tiny little step forward.

Find an accountability buddy who will help you take that tiny step every day. Eventually, you will be impressed with how far you’ve moved towards your big goal.

The Big Secret of Your Mindset

You have to be able to visualize yourself achieving your goal, and then you need to connect it with passion to your big reason why you want to achieve it.

We often get hung up on the “how’s.” And that’s something that you need to learn to let go.

Let’s say you want to become an expert in Mediterranean cooking. So your next step would be to find a domain and then set up a blog. You don’t need to become an expert in Mediterranean cooking.

You just need to blog regularly about your journey, recipes you’ve tried, and tips you’ve run across.

Then you create a schedule for how often you post.  And you tell yourself you’re so excited!

Eventually, you will see more opportunities such as recommending Craftsy courses as an affiliate. Maybe you’ll even publish a cookbook.

You don’t know just how far you’ll go. So don’t set limits.

Just focus on your goal and work slowly towards it every day with passion.

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