More Job Ideas for 2018

I’m always looking for good job ideas. And, if you’re like me, you want to earn a few hundred, if not thousand, of dollars, and not five bucks at a time.

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours on something, and realize you only earned $10/hour. You could work at fast food for more than that.

No, you want to work from home for a better life balance, and you want to be able to replace income. So I’ve been continuing to look for inspiration.

In this video Gillian Perkins goes over 12 of the highest paying freelance jobs that can be done remotely.


It’s important to remember that you still have to do the work. You’ll need good time management skills, and learn how to schedule your calendar. Sometimes, you’ll have to say that you will be happy to work with a person and you’ll be able to start their project in a week or two.

It’s important to know how to set boundaries so you have a steady amount of work, but you’re not going crazy.


Become a Social Media Manager Course

Goals, Time Management and Productivity

Clickbank University

Video Maker FX

I’ll update this as I find more good resources. Leave a comment if there was a particular path that interested you.

Is Clickbank University for You?

I’m writing this Clickbank University review to help you decide if it’s a good program for you.

I did sign up for ClickbankU and went through all of their training about a year ago. There were two main tracks. The first was how to be an affiliate marketer using Clickbank products. The second was how to become a Clickbank product creator.

Both had a lot of professional videos that were engaging to watch. There were plenty of supporting documents like checklists. Their support was responsive.

And they had an exclusive community where you could chat with your peers and get faster answers.

I believe Clickbank University 2.0 is going to be even better since they were always asking for feedback on how to make it better.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Me?

Affiliate marketing is a good long-term business strategy. You need to spend time up front setting up the website, writing reviews, and building up a regular schedule of finding new products to recommend.

For some sites, you will want to build up an email list. Then you can earn affiliate commissions sending your recommendations out in your emails.

For other sites, the affiliate recommendations can either be static reviews on your site or they can be links to a different kind of post.

I should step back a second and state that you may wish to update your review if the product gets updated.

Now, let me explain what I meant by the second type.

I have a website Cook Yourself Thin. I recommend cookbooks and cooking equipment using Amazon affiliate products. They’re embedded in the posts.  Additionally, I recommend a free book on the Primal lifestyle. All the customer needs to do is pay shipping and handling.

That’s actually someone else’s product, and I get a commission for every book someone gets.

Right now, it isn’t working out so well, so I’m looking into testing a different product. There are a lot of Paleo products in Clickbank.

So affiliate marketing isn’t always one and done. You may need to test a few similar products to see what works best for your audience.  Or you may need to write a bunch of reviews that compare the products.

The key is to show the value of the product so people want to buy it. Once they do, you get your percentage of the sale.

Is Product Creation For Me?

I released my first product this year after working intensely on it for a year. I wanted to test endlessly to ensure that the information was useful, usable and current.

I’m not sure I want to do another one.

Some people love creating products and it’s easy for them. If you enjoy teaching, this could be a great path for you since you earn a lot more money.

What Will Clickbank University Teach Me?

Clickbank University 2.0 has over 200 step-by-step training videos created by leading experts.

They also offer live weekly classes.  I’m loving this trend of offering lots of mentoring to answer questions directly for students.

They also offer bonus courses that get added regularly. And they still have the exclusive community.

Plus, they’ve added in phone support.

Once you’re done, you will be able to take the knowledge for identifying good Clickbank products and apply that to other affiliate sites like JVZoo, Shareasale, and others.

Clickbank University is teaching you how to have a business rather than just dumping information on you and saying “good luck” like a lot of other training.

So whether you’re starting out or have been trying to make affiliate marketing (or product creation) work for some time without success, I do recommend you check out Clickbank University 2.0.

Public Domain Fortune Review

A friend of mine his having his first launch release this week for his product Public Domain Fortune. I did purchase it and I think you should too.

What Is the Public Domain?

I remember learning about public domain over a decade ago, and I did nothing with it. Whoops.

Sometimes we need a good guide to help move us forward.

I’d heard on a podcast that there are out of print and out of copyright books that are now in the public domain. You can use the information and put your name on it.  It’s important to know how to do that properly so people feel that they’re getting value from what they buy.

What Does Public Domain Fortune Teach?

Public Domain Fortune is a 56-page ebook teaching you the facts about what you can and cannot legally do with public domain information, and the difference between derivative works and public domain which I thought was the most important point when getting started.

You want to stay within the law while providing value to your buyers.

Where do I find this stuff?

Next Lee tells you where to find material. I knew of a few places, but he really has a long list of 16 sources. You will find information on any topic. There isn’t much new under the sun.

What do I do with this stuff?

Lee goes into detail about how to successfully books that you can sell on Amazon or other online sellers. You could also create an audiobook for Audible.

Finally, you can use the material to build your business by creating articles or videos on YouTube. You could create a course on Udemy or Skillshare.

There are upsells. I’d recommend getting the accelerator package if you’re serious about wanting to dive into this business model quickly and get started making money fast.

How Can I Create A Business with Public Domain Fortune?

What I really like about using public domain information is that the only cost is your time and maybe hiring someone to create images for your new book.

You will want to set aside some time to read Lee’s book and come up with a plan to find the right business market.

Then create a plan for finding books and deciding how you will best use the content.

How Is This Different Than PLR?

Private Label Rights are content created by someone, and you have special licensing rights for using it.  Public Domain was once a published book, but there are no special licensing rights that you need to be concerned with.

Again, get Lee’s book and read about how easy it will be to publish your own book and start making money.

Where to Learn How to Do Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to learn how to do affiliate marketing. You’ll see a lot of courses out there, and some even promise you can make $25,000/month.

The Reality of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you become a partner with a company and promote their product or service in exchange for a percentage of the sale.

The one everyone knows is the Amazon affiliate program. You probably have seen “The links below are affiliate links. I’ll make a percentage of the sale if you buy, but your price is the same.” if you read a lot of blogs.  This is how the Bloggers make their money (besides allowing ads to run on their site and email marketing…more on these in another post).

Amazon only pays less than 20% of the sale. So one of my sites is the Cleaning Pantry.  When I sell a $200 vacuum cleaner, I earn $10. What you hope for is that people add a bunch of extra things to their shopping cart because you’ll get a percentage of that as well.

Amazon also has their own ads that you can place including Native ads and promotional ads for things like their paid videos or Kindle Fire. The promotional ads change regularly, so if you do use this as a way of monetizing your site, you’ll need to add to your weekly procedures to verify that it’s still valid.

There are other sites like JVZoo and Clickbank where you could earn a few hundred dollars a sale. Let’s talk a little about the differences.

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

In the case of Amazon products, people tend to know they want a product. Your best way of converting them is by writing an excellent review that answers every question that they think they might have  (and ones they didn’t know they needed). It’s important to let the person know what the product is NOT good for as well. Then make it easy for them to buy it by having lots of the affiliate links sprinkled in the article and a solid call to action at the bottom like “See this on Amazon.”

The other types tend to be more of a solution to a problem. For example on my website Get Rid of Acne Fast, I have a review for a product Exposed Skin Care. (You can sign up through ShareASale. I also review Proactiv who are on Rakuten.) I can use my own images as well as the company’s images and any other marketing material they offer.

The second type is selling information products. So I found a product on ClickBank called Acne No More System and bought it. I read through everything and then wrote an honest review.

How to Find Affiliate Offers

I use two methods of finding affiliate offers. The first is just by doing a Google search for the item plus “affiliate program.”  So if you want to be a life coach and make additional money recommending books (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and targeted programs, you would have multiple streams of income improving your bottom line.

Ideas for targeted programs

  • Time management affiliate program
  • Goal setting affiliate program
  • Business coach affiliate program

I’m sure you can think of many more.

The other method is by checking out OfferVault. You can find a lot of programs as well as see what other people have been searching for.

What’s the Next Step

In the next few blog posts, I’ll discuss setting up your website and finding a good domain name as well as how to send traffic.

Job Ideas for Introverts in 2018

Are you looking for job ideas for introverts? Read on for a few ideas that allow you to mostly work alone. You don’t feel comfortable being in a position with a lot of customer face time such as sales. So here are some job ideas just for you.

Animal Care

If you love animals, think about getting a job working at a veterinarian’s office, animal shelter or even a pet store. Although the pay is lower than many other employment opportunities, the majority of the time will be spent working with the animals themselves. Leave the interaction with humans to your extroverted co-workers.

Social Media Manager

At first, this may seem like a strange choice because you know…social. While the job does require interacting with people, it’s all done via the internet. You don’t have to actually see your clients. With the ever-growing popularity of social platforms, there will likely always be a need for this “behind the scenes” managerial position.

Freelance Writer

Thanks to the popularity of the internet, freelance writing opportunities are everywhere. You can find gigs on many sites including

And you can see more in this article.

You don’t need a college degree to get started. And if you’re just looking to bring in extra money (like to pay down debt or save up for a vacation), you can work part-time. Your time is your own as long as you hit your deadlines.

Typically, the only time you have to actually interact with someone is when you’re negotiating a potential job or have questions for a current client. Even then, just about everything can be done via email.


If you speak one or more foreign languages, why not put this knowledge to additional use? A translator’s job is simply to convert written documents or audio recordings from one language to another. No additional involvement from co-workers required.

There’s even jobs out there where you can review translations to ensure that they’re proper English.

Video Editor

72 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. There’s a huge need for someone who can edit videos and add in interesting captions to help companies improve their online marketing.

All you need is a good computer and editing software. You may find yourself booked up for weeks in advance.

Even More Ideas

  • Truck driver or delivery person
  • Security guard
  • Bookkeeper
  • Landscaper
  • Janitor
  • Lab technician or researcher
  • Artist
  • Graphic designer

Hot Online Business Ideas for 2018

Happy New Year! Are you ready for the hot online business ideas for 2018?

The shift is moving to online purchases.

So let’s look at the top online business ideas for 2018. First, I’ll start out with eCommerce ideas. Do you like the idea of having your own store but don’t want the responsibility (and cost) of a brick and mortar? Read on!

White Label on Amazon

This is where you work with a manufacturer to create a unique brand just for you. Perhaps you get a unique color.

You won’t have to deal with the customer directly. Amazon will run ads to your product. But if there are complaints about quality, you may get dropped and then end up with a lot of unsold product that you have to deal with.


You can make a lot of money

You don’t have to have any inventory in your home

You don’t have to do any of the shipping or returns


Large up-front cost. Most manufacturers request a minimum order

You need a good legal advisor to ensure a solid contract

Fulfillment By Amazon

This is similar except you stock inventory with Amazon but it doesn’t have to be your special brand. You could purchase in bulk from a wholesaler, or use sites like AliExpress to purchase in bulk. Then you have it delivered to the special Amazon warehouse.


You can make good money

You don’t have to have any inventory in your home

You don’t have to do any of the shipping or returns


Keep close track of inventory since you don’t want to run out

You do up-front investment in the inventory, but not as much as the white label

You need to stay on top of the competition. If they lower their price, you may want to make a special package deal so you’re not losing money but you’re differentiated.


Dropshipping is booming these days. In a nutshell, you set up your store with products and your price. When someone buys, you purchase fro a wholesaler who will then drop ship the item to the person who purchased. The wholesale price is less than your sales price. And you also need to take into account your overhead costs including advertising.

Dropshipping means that they will send the product to the customer without branding on it. Some merchants will work with you depending upon the price of the item. But for the majority of items, you just need to make sure they don’t include an invoice.


It’s easy to get started as there are many tools out there that automate it for you.

You don’t have to manage inventory.

There are millions of products that you can choose from.

You set the price – usually. Some dropshippers of higher priced products often will set limits to what you can charge.


There is a chance for higher potential competition

Sometimes the supplier sends the wrong product, and you will have to spend time doing customer service


Maybe you enjoy writing and recommending products and don’t want to deal with stores. Here’s some ideas that will be up your alley.


Affiliate Marketing Websites

People are still researching a lot online. So if you have useful information online, and an affiliate link, people will buy the product using your special link. You will need to manage the webiste links in case the products or services change.

There are a number of affiliate sites out there including Shareasale and Clickbank, so you’re sure to find something to sell.


You never have to worry about customer support since you’re not selling anything. You’re just making recommendations.

Once you have a page set up, you may want to update it occasionally. However, for the most part, it can bring in sales for years afterward.

You can gather up email addresses and build up engagement by sending emails and recommending additional products and services to people.


You won’t make as much money since you make a small percentage of what you’re recommending.

It can be slow to build up momentum.

You will need to drive traffic to the page, and that can include paid advertising.

Copywriting and Proofreading

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a ton of content out there on the internet. And someone has to write it. Sometimes people will outsource to offshore companies, and they desperately need someone to make it read better. So you have some wonderful opportunities for writing and editing.

Like most freelance work, you will need to have a prospecting system to let people know you’re available and what you can do for them. There’s a lot of types of copywriting including special reports, case studies, blogging, article marketing, email marketing, and sales copy.


You have a super flexible schedule.

You can work from anywhere and anytime.


Often, people won’t want to pay what you’re worth. You may have to work low to build up a portfolio, but don’t stay there long. There are a lot of well-paying clients out there. Remember, you’re better off offering a package (like 10 articles for $x) rather than deeply discounting your price for an article because someone isn’t sure it’s worth it.

Video Editor

Are you handy with the computer? If so, you may make money editing video. Usually, it involves removing blank time or adjusting the volume levels. You will need a prospecting system and find a way to let people know you’re available and what you do.


Most people want to publish videos on YouTube to drive traffic but they don’t want the work of production. So there’s a lot of people out there to be your client.

It pays well. (if they don’t want to pay you well, move on. The key to being a successful business owner is knowing your worth and sticking to it)


You will need special software like Camtasia to edit.



Online Teaching or Tutoring

I’m putting these together because they’re similar yet different.

First, you can teach on platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. This involves you creating your own product of videos and additional course material (checklists, recipes, FAQs, etc.). You will need software to create and edit videos and audio.  It helps if you have an understanding of course flow and teaching. And you will need to send traffic. Once you have a successful class, the platform will help you by recommending your courses.

Or you can sign up to be an online tutor. You can set your hours and work from anywhere you want. The pay can be good. You definitely need to enjoy working with people if you want to tutor online.

Which one interests you the most?

50 Telecommuting Job Ideas

I found more telecommuting job ideas. Entrepreneur released 50 Jobs, Gigs, and Side Hustles to Do From Home. My daughter was very interested in number 5 because she loves video games. She’s at college studying computer science and art so she can be a video game designer at some point.

Let’s look at some of the common ones.

Writing and Editing

It’s very easy to pick up writing related work. It won’t pay very well at first. Like any business, you have to build it up slowly and steadily.

You have to want to like to sit in front of a computer and write every day. It’s not for everyone. Just know that if you write every day, you will get faster.

You can find simple writing gigs to get started at

If you’re wondering what these content mills are like, watch this video

The UI is a bit outdated, but it still works the same way. Also, I’d recommend looking for people whose acceptance rate is over 75%.  Every time I forgot this, it bit me big time. The best clients are ones who know what they’re looking for.

Yes, I do still write for these places even though I’m not making much more than $10/article. I can write 500 words in 15 minutes. At the same time, I’ll write additional articles that I could post on ezinearticles. I’ve had people contact me through that to write directly for them, and I can charge more.

I used to take gigs on, but haven’t found a good gig in awhile. I should go check it out again.

One other thing to note – write your articles and ebooks in a separate document. But be careful when pasting it into the interface. Also, I use a chromebook for a lot of my work. For whatever reason, Chrome browser messes up the formatting on iwriter. So that’s why I’ll write in a Google doc, and then paste without formatting into iwriter. I’ll clean it up, and then submit.

Online Marketing

This is still a lot of sitting in front of your computer and working. However, it involves a bit more research. You could work as a social media manager. That means you create posts for your client’s social media profiles, and you interact with people.

If you provide Ad Management or SEO, then you’ll need to do a lot of keyword research. You’ll need to use your math skills to evaluate how well your split tests are working.

You can also create and post videos for yourself or your clients. Once you have a successful channel, you may find people knocking down your door to help them with theirs.  And that leads us to our next section.

Teach Online

Udemy and Skillshare are great platforms for providing courses on what you know. Udemy is more of your standard online course. You need at least one full hour of instruction. Skillshare can be a 10-15 minute video on one topic. Udemy is pay per class. And Skillshare is a subscription. You pay annually and then can watch as many classes as you like.

Artistic People

Artistic people can hang out their shingle and create graphics.

  • is great for starting out.
  • is good for all levels, but you do get paid more if your design is chosen

You can also look on for people wanting graphic design.

And So On

Some companies also hire people to handle phone support. You could set up a dog walking service. The ideas are endless. Look at the list and see if anything grabs you.  Leave me a comment about what you think!

What Are Some Good Businesses to Start in 2017

Now that we’re into the last month, it’s time to start planning for the new year. Don’t wait until the end of the month. Spend the next thirty days really looking inside as to what you want and where you want to go.Student Girl Working With A Laptop In A Green Park

Is this the year you start your business?

Some people need to keep their current job while they start their business. And that may be a bit tough at first. But keep visualizing your end goal which is to own your own business.

It makes it easier when you’re trying to decide if you should blog or if you should watch some mindless television. Spending even an hour a day will help you build up your business and increase your income.

You should work your business for some time even after you’re making good money. Put the cash in a special account and call it your Freedom Account. You should have at least six months of expenses saved up. Sometimes being a small business owner can have cyclic income. And you don’t want to get into debt if you can help it. So build up that cushion.

Good Part Time Businesses

There are quite a few businesses you can start up and work on part time. They won’t need much attention.

Affiliate Marketing

Targeted Marketing ConceptThis is where you would set up an online store using a platform like Shopify or FreshStore. Or you can set up a blog site. You obtain products through affiliate sites like Amazon, ShareASale, Clickbank or others. Then you can either stock your store with products, or write detailed reviews. When people click and buy the product, you get a commission for the sale.

You will have to regularly update and drive traffic.  That’s the downside. The upside is that you can earn money while you’re at your other job.

Plus, if you can capture email addresses, you can send regular emails with additional affiliate product recommendations. This increases your lifetime customer value. Then some day, you may create your own product, and you’ll have a list of people who could be your first buyers.

Content Writing

Content Marketing - Three Arrows Hit in Red Target on a Hanging Sack on Natural Bokeh Background.

Do you enjoy writing but don’t want to take the time to set up your own blog? Write articles for other people. You can sign up at sites like iwriter, hirewriter, textbroker and fiverr.  With fiverr, you would write when someone hires you. With the other three sites, you can select a gig and write it. The more experience you have, the more money you make.

You could earn $10/day writing one or two articles that are less than 1000 words in total. That may not seem like much, but banking $300/month will help build up your buffer easily. And once you start writing regularly, you’ll get better at it.

If you need to practice, you can publish articles at ezinearticles. Then you can put something in the footer that you’re a freelance content creator and you may get hired by people wanting to pay a lot more money.

Some day, you may get hired to write ebooks which pays quite a lot more.

Go check out the sites and see what you think.

How Long Does A Post Have to Be?

7K0A0129I was reading where Google likes posts to be longer than 1000 words, and I thought “Wow, really?” I have the attention span of a really bored goldfish. On a good day.

Ok I can see where it would increase time on site. But I’d rather put in onsite links so you can tumble down the rabbit hole and find the information that’s relevant to you.

Additionally, I’d rather break it down into a series so people come back to the site regularly. But, I’ve recently learned that there are ways to increase the word count.

I did just write a blog post for a client recently. It was 2000 words and I had put in specifications, color choices, etc. So that was very useful to have all that in one place for people who are thinking about buying. And I put together a list of the accessories and what they’re good for.

Now, an excellent next step is to write shorter blog posts on each of the separate accessories. You can then link out to them from the big article. This definitely keeps people on your web page and provides them with the useful information that they need to decide to buy.

And finally, don’t forget to give them lots of links to buy the product.


Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

You can make money from the internet
You can make money from the internet

As we’ve discussed before, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get up and running with an online business for quick profits. You won’t make as much selling other people’s stuff as you would your own; however it’s a great way to build up a site or an online store before you get your own products and services running. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be bringing in money and building up a high authority website while you’re creating something?

Where to Start

Well you have to start with your idea. You did your research and chose your niche. You set up your blog. You’ve been writing short articles and adding in videos. Now you want to monetize it.  I would recommend adding in adsense. It won’t bring in a lot, but it may bring in a small amount to help pay for expenses like hosting.

Also, make sure you’ve signed up for some email service provider. MailChimp is free up to 1000 subscribers. Then you need to ensure that you have something to offer people in exchange for their email address. If you haven’t heard before, the money is in the list. We’ll go more in depth in another blog post. But I needed to mention it here since it’s very important for starting.

Types of Affiliate Programs

Let’s take a step back for a second and look at the types of affiliate programs.

Revenue Share – This is where you receive a percentage of the revenue. It’s a bit outdated but still used in many places and may be having a resurgence. If someone requests a refund, then you do not get paid. Often it’s a 25%/75% where you get 75% of the amount of the product sold and you often have to wait over 30 days to get paid. Amazon is based on this model

CPA – Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action. You get paid for someone buying something. There’s no risk on the affiliate. You’re not going to lose out on anything if there’s a refund or a chargeback. So for a $19 product with multiple upsells, you could receive a flat $50.

CPL – Cost per Lead. You get paid if someone signs up for an offer. A bit more difficult to find but you get paid for sending a lead. You’re sending people into someone else’s marketing funnel. Someone just has to fill in their email address and you often get $1.50/lead. You could buy 1000 clicks (~$100) and it converts at 10%, then you get $100 net.

PPC – Pay per Call. Many people are surfing the web on their smartphones. This allows people to click on a phone number and it calls someone to learn more information about something. Often the companies expect someone to stay on the phone for a minimum like 2 minutes. But the pay is huge. It’s great for mobile traffic. It is big with odd niches like dentists, chiropractors, weight loss, attorneys, etc.

Find the Products

If you aren’t sure where to start, go to  They are like a marketplace for affiliate offers. You will need to create an account. And it’s free. Then you learn how to search and find how to find a good offer. There’s a lot of offers out there, and you want to find ones that are going to convert and pay.

There are quite a few ways to search. The first is directly in the big search bar:



The second method is by looking at Trending Searches to see what other people are finding valuable:OfferVault2


And up at the top, you can see other people’s searches. This may spur an idea to be pursued.



Additionally, you can Browse by network and find offers in places other then the standard places like clickbank.

And finally, you can use Advanced Search which you find under the search bar:


And then you can see all the options. Remember, at this point you’re just getting ideas so focus on categories and payout type to sales.  Use offers to get ideas.



Then you can write reviews or informational blog posts and embed links and banner ads as well as add the offers into your email autoresponder series.