Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

You can make money from the internet
You can make money from the internet

As we’ve discussed before, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get up and running with an online business for quick profits. You won’t make as much selling other people’s stuff as you would your own; however it’s a great way to build up a site or an online store before you get your own products and services running. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be bringing in money and building up a high authority website while you’re creating something?

Where to Start

Well you have to start with your idea. You did your research and chose your niche. You set up your blog. You’ve been writing short articles and adding in videos. Now you want to monetize it.  I would recommend adding in adsense. It won’t bring in a lot, but it may bring in a small amount to help pay for expenses like hosting.

Also, make sure you’ve signed up for some email service provider. MailChimp is free up to 1000 subscribers. Then you need to ensure that you have something to offer people in exchange for their email address. If you haven’t heard before, the money is in the list. We’ll go more in depth in another blog post. But I needed to mention it here since it’s very important for starting.

Types of Affiliate Programs

Let’s take a step back for a second and look at the types of affiliate programs.

Revenue Share – This is where you receive a percentage of the revenue. It’s a bit outdated but still used in many places and may be having a resurgence. If someone requests a refund, then you do not get paid. Often it’s a 25%/75% where you get 75% of the amount of the product sold and you often have to wait over 30 days to get paid. Amazon is based on this model

CPA – Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action. You get paid for someone buying something. There’s no risk on the affiliate. You’re not going to lose out on anything if there’s a refund or a chargeback. So for a $19 product with multiple upsells, you could receive a flat $50.

CPL – Cost per Lead. You get paid if someone signs up for an offer. A bit more difficult to find but you get paid for sending a lead. You’re sending people into someone else’s marketing funnel. Someone just has to fill in their email address and you often get $1.50/lead. You could buy 1000 clicks (~$100) and it converts at 10%, then you get $100 net.

PPC – Pay per Call. Many people are surfing the web on their smartphones. This allows people to click on a phone number and it calls someone to learn more information about something. Often the companies expect someone to stay on the phone for a minimum like 2 minutes. But the pay is huge. It’s great for mobile traffic. It is big with odd niches like dentists, chiropractors, weight loss, attorneys, etc.

Find the Products

If you aren’t sure where to start, go to  They are like a marketplace for affiliate offers. You will need to create an account. And it’s free. Then you learn how to search and find how to find a good offer. There’s a lot of offers out there, and you want to find ones that are going to convert and pay.

There are quite a few ways to search. The first is directly in the big search bar:



The second method is by looking at Trending Searches to see what other people are finding valuable:OfferVault2


And up at the top, you can see other people’s searches. This may spur an idea to be pursued.



Additionally, you can Browse by network and find offers in places other then the standard places like clickbank.

And finally, you can use Advanced Search which you find under the search bar:


And then you can see all the options. Remember, at this point you’re just getting ideas so focus on categories and payout type to sales.  Use offers to get ideas.



Then you can write reviews or informational blog posts and embed links and banner ads as well as add the offers into your email autoresponder series.

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