How Long Does A Post Have to Be?

7K0A0129I was reading where Google likes posts to be longer than 1000 words, and I thought “Wow, really?” I have the attention span of a really bored goldfish. On a good day.

Ok I can see where it would increase time on site. But I’d rather put in onsite links so you can tumble down the rabbit hole and find the information that’s relevant to you.

Additionally, I’d rather break it down into a series so people come back to the site regularly. But, I’ve recently learned that there are ways to increase the word count.

I did just write a blog post for a client recently. It was 2000 words and I had put in specifications, color choices, etc. So that was very useful to have all that in one place for people who are thinking about buying. And I put together a list of the accessories and what they’re good for.

Now, an excellent next step is to write shorter blog posts on each of the separate accessories. You can then link out to them from the big article. This definitely keeps people on your web page and provides them with the useful information that they need to decide to buy.

And finally, don’t forget to give them lots of links to buy the product.


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