Where to Learn How to Do Affiliate Marketing

woman using affiliate marketing to make money

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to learn how to do affiliate marketing. You’ll see a lot of courses out there, and some even promise you can make $25,000/month.

The Reality of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you become a partner with a company and promote their product or service in exchange for a percentage of the sale.

The one everyone knows is the Amazon affiliate program. You probably have seen “The links below are affiliate links. I’ll make a percentage of the sale if you buy, but your price is the same.” if you read a lot of blogs.  This is how the Bloggers make their money (besides allowing ads to run on their site and email marketing…more on these in another post).

Amazon only pays less than 20% of the sale. So one of my sites is the Cleaning Pantry.  When I sell a $200 vacuum cleaner, I earn $10. What you hope for is that people add a bunch of extra things to their shopping cart because you’ll get a percentage of that as well.

Amazon also has their own ads that you can place including Native ads and promotional ads for things like their paid videos or Kindle Fire. The promotional ads change regularly, so if you do use this as a way of monetizing your site, you’ll need to add to your weekly procedures to verify that it’s still valid.

There are other sites like JVZoo and Clickbank where you could earn a few hundred dollars a sale. Let’s talk a little about the differences.

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

In the case of Amazon products, people tend to know they want a product. Your best way of converting them is by writing an excellent review that answers every question that they think they might have  (and ones they didn’t know they needed). It’s important to let the person know what the product is NOT good for as well. Then make it easy for them to buy it by having lots of the affiliate links sprinkled in the article and a solid call to action at the bottom like “See this on Amazon.”

The other types tend to be more of a solution to a problem. For example on my website Get Rid of Acne Fast, I have a review for a product Exposed Skin Care. (You can sign up through ShareASale. I also review Proactiv who are on Rakuten.) I can use my own images as well as the company’s images and any other marketing material they offer.

The second type is selling information products. So I found a product on ClickBank called Acne No More System and bought it. I read through everything and then wrote an honest review.

How to Find Affiliate Offers

I use two methods of finding affiliate offers. The first is just by doing a Google search for the item plus “affiliate program.”  So if you want to be a life coach and make additional money recommending books (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and targeted programs, you would have multiple streams of income improving your bottom line.

Ideas for targeted programs

  • Time management affiliate program
  • Goal setting affiliate program
  • Business coach affiliate program

I’m sure you can think of many more.

The other method is by checking out OfferVault. You can find a lot of programs as well as see what other people have been searching for.

What’s the Next Step

In the next few blog posts, I’ll discuss setting up your website and finding a good domain name as well as how to send traffic.

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