Master Your Mind

Busy mother on the phone feeding baby a the same timeBefore starting your own business, you need to get your head right. I’m going to start a series on how to protect your mind from all the problems that come up when starting your own online business.

We’ll look at some high levels ideas in this blog and go into more depth in follow on.

So why is mindset so important? It’s actually two-fold. First, you need to know exactly where you’re going. Secondly, you need to be passionately connected with that image so that when things get tough, you have the courage to continue.

You can create your vision of an ideal life in a few different ways. First, you can just spend some time daydreaming. You can then write down how you want your ideal life to be in three years, one year, and six months. Another way is to think about all the items you want to have and experiences you want to do. Then spend some time researching how much it would cost. You may be surprised that you need less money than you think.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely occupation as well. You don’t interact with people like you do when you go into an office every day. This may be an adjustment. For me, it was a relief to get away from office politics and the long hours in high tech full of pointless meetings. I was so happy not to have to put on work clothes and makeup and drive an hour to go twelve miles.

Instead, I’d wear shorts and tank tops and my hair in a pony tail working while my baby slept. My social interactions came from getting to see my friends at lunch.  I also would chat with friends using instant messengers. It was a nice break to get adult conversation.

It’s important for you to know how you’re going to fill in your social gap. It will help ensure that you can stay focused when you start thinking that going back to work would be better because you’re lonely.

Also, you’ll need to build up your money management skills. Working for yourself can be feast or family sometimes. You’ll want to ensure that you’re saving money for the famine times. Also, you’ll want to save money for investing in yourself. You may want to go to conferences or purchase additional education.

Save up money for babysitters and regular date nights with your husband/partner. It’s important to maintain a strong connection. And believe me. This is one of the things that are easy to let go and it’s a mistake. My husband and I almost divorced in 2004. It took a year of therapy and a year of grinding the gears to get back to good and a few years after that to get to great. The year of therapy and other costs far exceeded what we would have spent had we just gone on regular dates to stay connected.

My last bit of advice in this overview is to ensure you’re breaking tasks down enough that you can achieve them. Don’t make big tasks like “Increase traffic” or “Write five blogs” or “Set up sales funnel.”  Instead, set smaller tasks like “Write one blog post on creating your business plan.” Try to keep them 30-45 minutes. You’ll be able to build up momentum by having small victories building on one another.


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