Public Domain Fortune Review

A friend of mine his having his first launch release this week for his product Public Domain Fortune. I did purchase it and I think you should too.

What Is the Public Domain?

I remember learning about public domain over a decade ago, and I did nothing with it. Whoops.

Sometimes we need a good guide to help move us forward.

I’d heard on a podcast that there are out of print and out of copyright books that are now in the public domain. You can use the information and put your name on it.  It’s important to know how to do that properly so people feel that they’re getting value from what they buy.

What Does Public Domain Fortune Teach?

Public Domain Fortune is a 56-page ebook teaching you the facts about what you can and cannot legally do with public domain information, and the difference between derivative works and public domain which I thought was the most important point when getting started.

You want to stay within the law while providing value to your buyers.

Where do I find this stuff?

Next Lee tells you where to find material. I knew of a few places, but he really has a long list of 16 sources. You will find information on any topic. There isn’t much new under the sun.

What do I do with this stuff?

Lee goes into detail about how to successfully books that you can sell on Amazon or other online sellers. You could also create an audiobook for Audible.

Finally, you can use the material to build your business by creating articles or videos on YouTube. You could create a course on Udemy or Skillshare.

There are upsells. I’d recommend getting the accelerator package if you’re serious about wanting to dive into this business model quickly and get started making money fast.

How Can I Create A Business with Public Domain Fortune?

What I really like about using public domain information is that the only cost is your time and maybe hiring someone to create images for your new book.

You will want to set aside some time to read Lee’s book and come up with a plan to find the right business market.

Then create a plan for finding books and deciding how you will best use the content.

How Is This Different Than PLR?

Private Label Rights are content created by someone, and you have special licensing rights for using it.  Public Domain was once a published book, but there are no special licensing rights that you need to be concerned with.

Again, get Lee’s book and read about how easy it will be to publish your own book and start making money.

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