The Hangup

Back in the early days, we didn’t have electronic faxes. I had an old fashioned fax machine with a phone attachment and two phone lines coming into the house. I also had DSL for internet. This was in the days of modems back in about 2001. I had posted my resume on sites like Monster and Dice. A company had found it and had called me to talk about a short gig doing web programming.phonefaxcopier

My office was and still is in a bedroom upstairs in my house. Hubby and I bought a 4 bedroom house back in 1995. We were DINKs and knew we hated moving. So we skipped the starter homes and went straight for the house we’d live in for a really long time. Hubby took the largest bedroom that wasn’t the master bedroom.  My office was the next largest. The smallest was the guest room. So that’s where all the computers were.

Originally after Amanda was born, I moved a desk downstairs into the family room where the television was, and where all the toys were. It had enough space to set up a crib. But as my daughter grew, I needed to have more quiet space for phone calls and such.

So while I was on the phone extolling my virtues, my daughter had snuck upstairs and into my office.  Then the little darling pressed the hangup button on the phone/fax machine.

I hurriedly called the woman back apologizing that we somehow got cut off. But the damage was done. Here I was promising professional behavior and I go and hang up on her.

I survived and found other clients. I never could bring myself to close the door and keep her out unless I knew someone else was home watching her.

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