The Importance of Persistence

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Boomy Tokan: Udemy Premium Instructor, Small Business Consultant, Speaker and Author of 5 business books. His goal is to help “1st Time¬†Entrepreneurs” and “New Startups” uncover the Step by Step process to starting and running successful businesses and to enable those in employment increase their value in the workplace. It was an absolute blast and encourage you all to play around his website. I talked a bit about persistence and not letting the first hurdle stop you. If you were driving a car from Chicago to Los Angeles, and they were repairing a road so you had to detour, would you turn around and go back to Chicago? Of course not. The same is true in your online business. Yes, you will have detours. Yes, you will have hurdles. You should connect to your passion and stick with it.

I provided him with a “one page business plan” that’s more like four pages. He’ll send it to you if you sign up on his website. Ping me if you want it and I’ll send it out to you.

Next up, true confession time. I also have a coach…CJ Ortiz – The Metal Motivator. He puts everything into perspective. He always has the first day of the weekly coaching free. This week is on persistence Enjoy.

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